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Ultimate Marketing Toolkit for Small Business Owners

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Multichannel Marketing

Plan your marketing activities across mediums.

Email Campiagns

Get real-time insights about your customers, connect with them across channels, and build strong relationships

Social Media

Schedule unlimited posts, monitor, and create custom-reports to analyze your social media performance with Zoho Social.


Send relevant, personalized text messages, then see how many of them were sent, delivered, and opened, to help improve future campaigns.

Marketing automation for Small Business

Build customer relationships with journeys 


Build highly sophisticated journeys for leads, automate repetitive tasks, and engage based on lead behaviour. 

Lead Scoring

An effective way to manage and analyze your leads, helping you discover quality leads and giving you insights about their stage in the sales funnel.


Close more deals in less time. Track what stage your deals are currently in, and seize every opportunity at the optimal moment.

Increase customer engagement with journeys 
Segment your leads based on their activities and initiate a series of messages and actions for them.
Total Marketing Solution for Small Businesses. ​


Send an automated welcome series to new leads or run promotional campaigns based on leads' interactions with your previous emails.


Create flows to get your leads into the right email series, then engage them with relevant content.


Get in-depth reports on your lead growth, campaign performance, and revenue generation.

A/B Test Campaigns

Compare two different versions of an email campaign. 
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