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CRM Designed for Small Business Owners

Portrait with Glasses

Build lasting customer relationships

Contact management

Get real-time insights about your customers, connect with them across channels, and build strong relationships

Quotes and Finance

Generate quotes, invoices, and orders with access to inventory, shipping, and subscription information within Zoho CRM.

Lead Management

Capture leads, automate lead scoring, identify leads that will convert, and follow up with detailed contact information.

All the Business apps you'll ever need.



Handle email communication completely inside Zoho CRM. Send emails, associate emails to CRM records, and get email insights.


Connect your telephony provider to make calls from within Zoho CRM. Schedule calls, get reminders, and save call logs from every interaction.

Deal Management

Close more deals in less time. Track what stage your deals are currently in, and seize every opportunity at the optimal moment.

Streamline your sales process. 


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