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Our Top 5 from HubSpot Social Media Trends in 2022

Every year, HubSpot releases its Social Media Trends report, predicting the trends that will dominate social media over the next 12 months. This report is always packed full of valuable information, and this year is no exception. Here are our top 5 picks from HubSpot's Social Media Trends in 2022 report. Keep an eye on these trends because they're sure to have a big impact on social media in the coming year!

This year's Social Media Trends report is full of valuable information for small businesses looking to optimize their social media strategy. If you're interested in incorporating these trends into your marketing plan, get in touch with us! We can help you create a stellar digital marketing campaign that will drive sales using the latest and most excellent tactics. Which of these trends are most interesting to you? Leave a comment.


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